Tech-Enabled Freight Management

Mosaic Logistics acquired the exclusive rights to a modern cloud-native LTL Management software that is purpose-built for our ideal customer profile. This allows our customers to future-proof their supply chain by outsourcing the labour and software infrastructure to Mosaic. Our customers spend more time and energy on their core business competencies and less resources managing time-consuming shipping tasks.



Features at a glance

Instant freight quotes
Auto generated BOL’s
One-click dispatch
Real time tracking
Email notifications & Online Chat
Pre audited invoices

With Mosaic’s Cloud-based LTL Management software and Logistics Experts, you can scale your business and optimize your supply chain

Manage ALL of your shipments in one portal

With Mosaic, you can manage all of your current LTL carriers alongside a host of new, hand selected, Mosaic carriers. No need to end long term successful relationships with your incumbents; Mosaic will work alongside.

Or, allow Mosaic to be your full Logistics solution.

Either way, use our software to be the single source of truth for all of your shipments.

Instantaneous LTL quotes & dispatch

Enter orders in seconds with features like ‘duplicate order’, reoccurring orders, address book, and an in-app google search.

LTL carrier rates populate instantaneously; yours and ours.


Choose the right carrier every time for your service and pricing needs.


One-click dispatch to Mosaic or your own LTL carrier direct.

Easily audit, manage & consolidate all freight invoices

With our easy filter options, you can filter for the invoices you want to audit. Audit our Mosaic invoices and your own carrier invoices in one screen. Or click through to drill down on the invoice details.

Mosaic always audits our carrier invoices before we invoice you to ensure greater accuracy; saving you money.

Integrate with your current software through API’s or EDI

We offer full integration between our customers’ software and our own to ensure quick and cost-effective communication through customized API’s or standard EDI’s.

Mosaic can integrate into your ERP, WMS, E-Commerce, Third Party Warehousing software, and more.

Manage all documents in one place

Bills of lading and Shipping labels are created automatically.

Easily view, upload or download all documents relating to the shipment at any time.


Manage your Bills of Lading, Signed POD’s, invoices and claims in one portal.

Communicate with EASE

Automated, customized email notifications of status changes.


Proactive tracking by our Logistics team, with updated ETA’s.


Advanced filtering and smart search ability to instantly find orders you need updates on. Customize and save filters for future use.

Live in-order chat with our Logistics experts for anything you need. Collaborate with your own team online.

Live, real-time tracking

Up to date, accurate ETA’s on every shipment.


Available real-time visibility from Truckload carriers through GPS tracking and Geofencing.


Automated up-to-date progress tracking from select LTL carriers through ELD’s and software integrations.

Proactive shipment tracking performed by our Logistics experts.

Customized Reporting and Analytics

  • 360-degree view of your freight activities
  • On time delivery performance reports
  • Generate custom reports for your customers
  • Total freight spend and allocation reporting

Providing you with new levels of strategic insights and business intelligence for your transportation team.

Plus, there isn’t anything to download or install. Click below to get started now.