Mosaic Logistics

Mosaic is a Third-Party Logistics provider offering free Cloud-based Transportation Management Software to qualifying shippers; software to manage ALL of your shipments and ALL of your carriers. Our modern shipper technology combined with our experienced Customer Service and Logistics team, delivers a solution unmatched in the marketplace.

Our customers are able to scale their businesses by using our experts and our software.

Benefits of shipping with Mosaic

Mosaic provides the reliability of asset-based carriers, the flexibility of brokers, and the unique benefits that only software can offer. We work with small to mid-sized Canadian shippers to increase the quality and reliability of your shipments, providing better visibility to help you scale your business and optimize your supply chain.


Industry leading customer solutions.


Transportation experts since 1927.


Proactive, easy and transparent.

Third Party Logistics Services

Mosaic specializes in cross border and domestic Canadian transportation services. We have expert, easy to reach, Logistics Coordinators and over 90 years of LTL trucking experience. We offer tailored logistics solutions to suit your unique needs.

Freight Management






Shipper Technology Solutions

Manage your carriers alongside ours in our free Cloud-based Transportation Management Software. Our TMS offers you a single source of truth for all of your carriers, your rate agreements, your documents, and your customer service.

Manage ALL of your shipments in one place
Instantaneous LTL quotes & dispatch
Live, real-time tracking

Customer Spotlight

“We have no regrets switching to Mosaic. They are exactly how a logistics company should operate and it’s great to be a partner with them.”

Ellis, Clarion Medical Technologies


What makes Mosaic different than other 3PL’s and Carriers?

Mosaic offers the reliability of top tier asset-based carriers PLUS the ultimate flexibility and Customer Service of a 3PL PLUS free Transportation Management Software. You won’t find another solution like this in Canada.

Is there some kind of hidden cost to the software? What’s the catch?

There is no cost for qualifying shippers. Period.


Click here to see if you qualify.

Can I use Mosaic’s software for my own asset-based carriers?

Absolutely. For qualifying shippers, we will load in all of your partner carriers into the software and work happily alongside them.


No, we don’t charge you or your carrier any fees or commissions. This is a value-add service we offer, at no charge, to our valued customers.

Does Mosaic software integrate with other business software?

Yes! Mosaic can integrate into a host of different packages including ERPs, Accounting systems, WMS, etc. Our software has an open API which makes it very flexible when it comes to integrations.

What does Mosaic do best?

As a 3PL, we offer a wide range of services, but we have a particular affinity towards, and high level of expertise in, LTL (both cross border and domestically). This is our sweet spot.


Our most successful relationships are where we are highly integrated into our customers’ processes and/or their technology. Where they leverage our TMS and our transportation expertise while including us in their strategic supply chain conversations.


We operate best in a high-trust environment, where we are all transparently pulling towards the same goals.

What do customers love most about Mosaic?

Good question; so we decided to ask some of our customers. They told us:


‘Excellent customer service – Mosaic will assist in any way possible; response times within minutes via email, online chat, or phone’


‘Mosaic software platform; it is user friendly; easy to select a spot quote; real-time tracking details and updates; map and online chat incorporated into the platform’


‘They communicate proactively when a shipment is going sideways!’


‘No damages to our freight; our high value, sensitive freight is handled with care’


‘Our paperwork is 100% automated now; no more manual processes’


‘Great visibility and communication; to all of our internal departments.’